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The LSSI (Law of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce), requires that we inform you about the type of cookies, the duration and the purpose of each of them. I invite you to read this cookie policy beforehand, and remember that if you continue browsing the web it is understood that you accept its use. If you find any cookies on this website that are not listed, please let me know in order to check and include it.


Cookies are files, which are stored on the device you use to navigate through the Internet and which can store information regarding the frequency with which you visit the website, your browsing preferences, the information that interests you most. What allows us, every time you access improve the quality and usability of our website.

Cookies are essential for the functioning of the Internet; they can not damage the user’s device / device and, if they are activated in the browser settings, they help me identify and resolve possible malfunctions of

One of the articles of the LSSI (Law on the Information Society and Electronic Commerce), requires that we inform about the type of cookies, duration and purpose of each of them. And I’m glad to do it.

You can refuse the installation of cookies by blocking them through your browser settings. However, I must inform you that if you do, this website will not work properly. If you want to block cookies here you have the instructions to do it according to the search engine you are using:

Google Chrome – Internet Explorer – Mozilla Firefox – Apple Safari

What cookies are used on this website?

The cookies we use on this website help:

– The correct operation of this and remember your settings to save you time. – View videos, without them you could not. – Leave comments – Share the content on social networks.

– Improve the website thanks to the analytics I do.

– Improve the speed and security of the web

In order to recognize and provide you with a better service, our website uses third-party cookies (small text files that your browser stores):


First name Duration Purpose icl_current_languaje WordPress Expires at the end of the session It is used for the WordPress content manager to check if the browser has cookies enabled. It is a third party cookie: WordPress. Here you can get more information.


First name Provider Purpose





Google Analytics Google Analytics cookies generate a user ID, which is the same. It also registers the first time you visited the web. It also calculates when a session has ended, user origin and keywords.

Permanent cookies: _utma_utmz

Temporary cookies: _utmb _utmc


In this way, analysis cookies can be used to recognize successive visits, obtain information about the date and time of your last visit, measure the number of visits made, so that we can focus and adjust services more effective Youtube cookies

The Youtube platform is used to include videos on this website, so that the platform’s own cookies can be installed

First name Duration Purpose Youtube 2 years from the configuration It allows to include videos of YouTube. This mode can set cookies on your tidy once you click on the Youtube video player, but Youtube is not stored.


These cookies can be stored in your browser while you browse the web, and each of the social networks has its own cookie policies:

– Facebook cookies, according to the provisions of its Cookies Policy

– Twitter cookies, according to the provisions of its Cookies Policy

– Instagram Cookies, according to their Cookies Policy

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